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Vision ::

Collectibles are an important fabric that bring like-minded people together through shared values, camaraderie, community, competition, and loyalty.

RareMint believes that the future of real world collectible asset ownership is digital. Creating a bridge between physical and digital worlds allow for broad, unique participation and adoption within the collectible markets.

We believe that iconic and historical collectibles should not be locked away from public view. We want to digitally curate life shaping stories and unique experiences, memorialize legends, and preserve culturally significant collectibles forever through RareMint.

What is RareMint? ::

RareMint offers authentic real world sports collectible assets and creates a digital experience of those collectibles through asset backed NFTs. This uniquely connects each physical and digital asset in perpetuity.

Through an open and decentralized digital economy, RareMint brings to life our vision of verifiably connecting on-chain and off-chain assets to solve the problem of limited liquidity and digital authenticity facing a USD 1.2 trillion real world collectible market (Credit Suisse, 2020).

RareMint initial asset drops will be available on Ethereum and Arbitrum with secondary market activity on OpenSea and other marketplaces including our own. To continue our vision of a complete RareMint ecosystem, we are building a RareMint layer-1 solution in parallel.



Application Ecosystem ::


Store, insure and protect physical assets. This also allows for seamless, fast resale without putting the physical asset at risk.


We authenticate an asset as it is onboarded to the RareMint network and store the asset’s unique physical fingerprint.


Where all RareMint asset drops are initially offered for sale and can be traded on secondary markets such as OpenSea along with our own marketplace.

1/1 NFT

Each RareMint 1/1 NFT unlocks immersive content, connection, provenance, and ownership of the physical asset in the RareMint vault.

DeFi Services

taking, rewards, loans against a user's vaulted assets, and bid pooling. Beyond asset appreciation, 1/1 asset owners also earn royalties.


Token Economics ::

Purchase ::

MINTS are intended to be used as the primary utility token on the network to allow users to purchase RareMint drops. Fee capture model on marketplace initially set to 5%. The fee capture will be configurable via governance.

Staking ::

Incentivize LP’s by providing a lucrative staking contract to earn more MINTS for actively supporting the project

Governance ::

The RareMint DAO will be funded via the network treasury. The DAO will work in partnership with the larger network participants to seed funding for certain asset acquisition, ecosystem project development, grant programs, and incentive-based events. Ecosystem participants can decide on the operation and future development of the network.

Farming ::

Farm your MINTS LP tokens to earn RareMint Trophies. Trophies are an additional reward token that unlock exclusive purchasing opportunities and are exchangeable for exclusive RareMint NFT assets.


RareMint Roadmap ::

Q2, 2021

Collectible Module


Corporate Structure

Marketplace & Website


Q3, 2021

Seed Raise

Governance Contract

NFT Contract

Marketplace Private Beta

ERC20 Contract

Q4, 2021

Private Token Pre-Sale

RareMint Trophies

Asset Slicing

Staking Contract

Public Token Sale

Marketplace Public

Q1, 2022

RareMint Private Testnet

RareMint Bridge


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