Collectiblity. Community. Get ready for the Galaxy Pass.

RareMint Galaxy Pass is live. Get exclusive access to highly curated asset-backed NFT drops, private members only channels and livestreams, rewards, tokens, first looks on future asset-backed drops, allow lists, and much more.

Limited Run

We’re limiting the first release to just 10 passes. The complete Galaxy Pass drop will be 1,000 passes but will be unlocked in limited releases.

Exclusive Benefits

Holding the Galaxy Pass NFT will unlock exclusive benefits and special perks listed below. Keep an eye on our social channels for more details.

Community First

Our mission is to create collectibility and consistently deliver value over time for our community. Listening is how we will grow.

Pass Value and Utility:

  • Mystery Pack exchange.

    Drop Swap (think insurance for your initial purchase). For the Slab Series genesis drop, passholders can exchange one opened mystery pack card for a card of their choosing from our Galaxy Pass bucket. The bucket holds ten graded, slabbed cards all of better value than the drop average. The swap goes in order of membership so mint #1 goes first. This way, if you unwrap a lower value card, you can swap it for a bucket card of greater value.
  • MINTS tokens when we launch.

    When we launch.
  • Curated Airdrops.

    Exclusive, highly curated airdropped NFTs and invite only free NFT claims (plus gas) to add to your collection.
  • Allowlist Spots.

    Allowlist spots for certain high demand asset-backed NFT drops.
  • Rewards for holding.

    Loyalty matters. Holding the Galaxy Pass for a certain amount of time gets you extra rewards.
  • First look.

    First look at the next RareMint NFTs dropping before everyone else.
  • Merch Store access.

    Access to our limited edition merch store. Our store will periodically come online for a limited time with a limited quantity of gear.

Future of the Pass:

  • It’s important to share our future vision for passholders. We want to deliver value and benefits for everyone. This may include metaverse companion drops for your assets held, 1 of 1 asset-backed NFTs that only passholders can access, and NFT digital vaults for group collecting where passholders can collect together and benefit together. We are working hard at pushing value creation for all holders.

How we source and store cards:

  • RareMint has access to hundreds of millions in sports collectibles, trading cards, Pokemon, and much more. All RareMint 1 of 1 Ultra Rare NFTs are stored in our highly secure vault. Vaulted assets are protected by armed security guards, state of the art security systems, and the vault area exceeds the U.S. Bank Protection Act Specifications. With a steel vault door weighing 6,000 pounds and steel reinforced walls and floor that are 12-inches thick, the vault facility is embedded in the earth and surrounded by steel, concrete and rock. The temperature, humidity, and lighting is consistent to ensure your assets remain in the same condition as when received.
    Storage and insurance for the asset is factored into the price of the initial sale and a contribution is made from royalties earned on secondary sales to support ongoing costs. RareMint practices the highest standard of care to maintain, monitor, and manage the continued value appreciation. Through the asset-backed NFT, we enable respectful enjoyment and utilization by the owners while safely stored with us.

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